Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The A to Z of Baltic Amber Pendant, Ring and Earrings

Strung on stretchy gums, thread and metal wire are three of many different ways of amber jewelry making techniques. There are plenty different designs you can mix and match with your outfits for various occasions, from casual to formal. What about Baltic amber pendant, ring and earrings?

The three above-mentioned items are special for some reasons. First, they have deep meaning. Pendant is a symbol of many things. It can be a symbol of love, unity, etc. Amber pendants with 925 sterling silver chain is a symbol of luck and health. Since long time ago, amber is considered as fortune bringer, worn from the days of caveman. They called amber as solar stone or Baltic gold.

Baltic amber ring and earrings have similar meaning. Presenting these items to your beloved ones, therefore, can be defined as wishing them to have good luck, healthy and emotionally balanced because amber is also popular for its stress reliever property.

Every single item is unique and personal, so make sure to choose the one which describes the style and character of the person who would have received your gift the most. Some items are simple, while others are more intricate.

Pendant is considered to be a symbol of love because it remains close to heart. Pendant can be a part of self-expression as well. If you love flower, for example, you can choose the pendant with flower shape, guitar pendant if you love music, bird pendant if you love animal and amber pendant if you love gemstone and something natural with extra health benefits.

The combination of Baltic amber pendant and sterling silver chain would be the perfect accessory as well as gift idea. Amber is the symbol nature’s beauty, fortune bringer and health, while silver is the symbol of wise and feminine energy of the moon. Silver is the representation of imagination and intuition, that’s what ancient people believed and it remains the same until nowadays.

Baltic Amber Earrings

Sterling silver Baltic amber earring come to be the awesome jewelry item to wear for modern women. They want to look beautiful, want to be respected on a daily basis. Wearing unique earrings is the way to feel more confident and choosing amber as the material is not only good for its unique color and elegant look, but also more affordable price compared to gold or diamond. When one item is not enough, then you can buy pendant, ring and earrings in a set.

Apart from the deep meaning behind its shine, amber has been used as natural help to accelerate wound healing, treat any discomfort from flu, cold, headache to joint stiffness. It’s also recommended to be worn by those who seek natural help to deal with anxiety.

Baltic amber is the best gift nature provides for human being. Its color range from transparent yellow to black, from glossy to raw, from baroque to chips, from small to large beads. It’s a part of our life, a part of history and the tradition of living a healthy life naturally.